Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Pain

For a while now I have suffered from this terrible pain in my left hand. It's hard to describe the pain, but it kinda feels like my bones themselves are hurting. I don't remember ever banging or hurting my hand. The pain just comes and goes. But lately it's been getting worse and its been happening more frequent. Yesterday I went out and the pain was unbearable! I felt as if my bones were on fire! (Not that I know how that feels like, nor do I ever want to experience such discomfort) I have no idea what cold be wrong. I'm right handed so it's not like I over use my left hand.

When the pain got really bad a little over a year ago I went to the hospital thinking that I was having a heart attack. I waited hours, only to be told that nothing was wrong with me. Even my blood pressure was normal, and my blood pressure is never normal. When a doctor can't figure out what's wrong with you that's kinda scary.

I will try to get another doctor to check out my hand. I can't stand the pain anymore! .....David

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